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Consultancy experience 

Country Experience

Microfinance.no has taken on assignments in the following countries:

  • Angola, Bolivia, Congo (DRC), China, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guatemala, Kenya, Luxemburg, Malawi, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, The Philippines, Uganda, USA, Vietnam 

Selected experiences

The following five experiences illustrate the diversity of Roy's assignments:

  • Program Chair and Coordinator of the agenda for the European Microfinance Week 2007 and 2008. European Microfinance Platform, Luxembourg.
    • Planning, coordinating and assuring the quality of the agenda for the conference.  More information is available at www.microfinance-platform.eu
  • Contracted research (team leader), NORAD, Norway (October 2006 - December 2007
    • Conducted a research study on self-help microfinance groups. Analysed appropriateness and possible models for donor support. Participated in field visits to Sri Lanka and Malawi. The report titled "You cannot save alone" is available at www.microfinancegateway.org.
  • Transfomation of the NGO MFI D-MIRO in Ecuador to a regulated bank.
    (January 2009 - ongoing)
    • This assignment includes serving as vice president of D-MIRO's board as well as president of the interim board of the new bank to be created. Among the necessary tasks involved to secure a successful transformation process are: legal set-up, transfer of assets and liabilities, competence building.
  • Program design and implementation, Norwegian Association of the Disabled, Uganda (January 2005 - ongoing)
    • Helps design and implement projects aiming to increase the outreach of mainstream microfinance services to the disabled population of Uganda. Local partners are AMFIU (MFI network) and NUDIPU (Disability network). Financed by the Norwegian Association of the Disabled (NAD). More information can be found at www.amfiu.org.ug. An article about the projects was published in Disability Studies Quarterly, Year 2009, Volume 29, Issue 1.
  • Program design and implementation, the Norwegian Pentecostal Mission, Kenya
    (July 2004 - ongoing)
    • Designed a new model for accumulating savings and credit associations (ASCAs) for rural areas. Prepared the project documentation. Trained project staff and designed the field manual and implementation plan. Continuing to provide follow up. This project is funded by the Pentecostal Foreign Mission of Norway (PYM). An article about the project was published in Small Enterprise Development, Volume 18, March 2007.

Training experience

Roy enjoys public speaking and has trained hundreds of donor staff in several countries on ways to improve their microfinance efficiency. MFI staff have been trained in microfinance management, strategic planning, and operations. Invitations have been extended to Roy to speak at several donors’ annual meetings, international conferences, as well as local workshops. Many of his research papers have been presented at international research conferences.

Projects’ life cycle

Development projects and programs follow their own logical and often standardized life cycles. As a consultant and a manager, Roy has been involved in all of the stages. Thus, assignments in all the following areas are welcome:

  • Project ideas
  • Project design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project implementation
  • Project monitoring
  • Mid-term reviews
  • Project evaluations
  • Design and implementation of a possible new project phase



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